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Zagreb – Ljubljana – Opatija – Split – Dubrovnik – Zadar – Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia & Slovenia

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Private transfer to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel in Zagreb area.


Breakfast at the hotel. Zagreb grew up on two neighboring hills: Kaptol – the centre of spiritual and religious life of north-western Croatia and Gradec – the commercial centre of skillful tradesmen and craftsmen. Visit the Upper Town with its Gothic Cathedral, the beautiful and ornate St. Catherine’s church or the massive St. Mark’s church with its famous color-tiled roof. Continue to the medieval Stone Gate and “Dolac”, the open-air market which are a must for all visitors. Private transfer from Zagreb to Ljubljana (Duration approx. 2 hrs). Overnight at the hotel in Ljubljana area.


Breakfast at the hotel. The capital city of Slovenia lies in a basin between the Karst and the alpine region at 298 meters above sea level. We like to say it is sufficiently large to contain everything that a capital should have, and small enough to preserve the individuality of its inhabitants. It is a city with a soul, featured by the Baroque Old Town which is nestled at the foot of Castle Hill, the Art Nouveau mansions as well as some of the masterpieces of the world renowned architect Jože Plečnik. Ljubljana nowadays presents the political, cultural, scientific and university centre of Slovenia. Adding an open-air market, Ljubljanica River that meanders through the city and a mighty castle rising above the narrow streets – all that and much more you can admire in Ljubljana.Private transfer from Ljubljana to Opatija via Postojna.  Transfer from Ljubljana to Postojna (Duration approx. 1 hr).

Visit of the Postojna cave on own (Duration approx. 1,5 hrs)

Postojna cave is the largest known cave system in Slovenia. There are longer caves in the world, but a visit to a cave such as Postojna deserves full attention due to the diversity of shapes, expansive cave areas, stalactite and stalagmite formations and water characteristics. Transfer continues to Opatija (duration approx. 1,5hrs). Overnight at the hotel in Opatija area.


Breakfast at the hotel. Private transfer from Opatija to Split via Trogir (Duration approx. 6 hrs). Private transfer from Opatija to Trogir (Duration approx. 5 hrs).

Trogir sightseeing tour (Duration approx. 1 hour)

Trogir is a town-museum in the very meaning of the word. Lovers of cultural and historical monuments, art, original architecture and nice alleys are given the opportunity in Trogir to learn about the manifold and complex heritage – from the Romanesque yard to the modern interiors. During the city sightseeing, guests can enjoy the centuries old town with its streets and buildings. Transfer continues from Trogir to Split (Duration approx. 45 min).Overnight at the hotel in Split area.


Breakfast at the hotel.

Split sightseeing tour (Duration approx. 2 hrs)

The old town of Split is built on and around the spectacular Roman Palace erected by the Roman Emperor Diocletian (born in Salona – today’s Solin) in the 4th century. The walking tour starts with a visit to the cellars of the Palace that are still very well preserved. The cellars offer a good view at how the life in the Palace was organized. Other sites such as the Golden Gate, the Silver Gate, the Peristyle Square etc. will be seen from the outside.Transfer from Split to Dubrovnik (Duration approx. 4 hrs)

Dubrovnik sightseeing tour (Duration approx. 2 hrs)

«those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik» (George Bernard Shaw). This tour will reveal the finest sites of the old walled City. Our guide will lead you through the narrow streets of the Old Town introducing you to the history and culture of this magnificent city. Overnight at the hotel in Dubrovnik area.


Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer from Dubrovnik to Zadar (Duration approx. 8 hrs). The Zadar peninsula still preserves very old network of narrow and charming city streets, as well as a Roman forum dating back to the first century AD. The pre-Romanesque Church of St. Donat dates back to the ninth century and it is certainly Zadar’s most famous spot. The town is fortified with medieval walls, distinguished for their pretty and impressive ports – entries in the city all dating back to the sixteenth century. Overnight at the hotel in Zadar area.


Breakfast at the hotel.Private transfer from Zadar to Zagreb via Plitvice. (Duration approx. 2 hrs).

Visit of Plitvice national park (Duration approx. 2,5 hrs)

Plitvice National Park is one of the most beautiful and best-preserved national parks in the country. This is why the entire lakes and surrounding area were declared a national park in 1949 and are listed on the UNESCO`s list of World Heritage Sites because of its exceptional beauty. It is a valley situated between high forested mountains in which lie, one below another, a string of sixteen beautiful lakes of crystal blue and green waters. Fed by small streams and brooks, they spill into each other in 92 foaming cascades and thundering waterfalls. The lakes themselves cover about 2 square kilometers and the entire national park covers 200 square kilometers. The Plitvice lakes` scenery will simply delight you regardless whether you are walking the paths and wooden bridges, taking a boat ride or just taking photographs.Free time for personal exploring. Transfer continues to Zagreb. (Duration approx. 2,5 hrs). Overnight at the hotel in Zagreb area.


Breakfast at the hotel. Private transfer to Zagreb airport.

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